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WinFS is Dead !

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WinFS is Dead !

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WinFS is officially dead. Or at least the product that was promised is dead. I first saw this product at the Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in LA in 2003. I was very impressed. For the next year or so. Then I bought a Mac and discovered Spotlight. Then I saw Google Desktop. Then I realised that the fact that WinFS was delayed and wouldn’t appear in Vista, was of no great concern. Now, to hear it has been killed is again no great concern.

Having been using Spotlight for a while I think Microsoft would have been embarrassed to launch WinFS, especially at this late stage. Still, it’s a shame, lets just hope that Google Desktop continues being developed and improved, as on the PC platform that is all we have.

I don’t like to knock Microsoft, I have a lot of respect for what they have achieved, but I can’t help thinking that over the last year or so things are not looking so good for them, and although I love Visual Studio I have no similar feelings for Vista or some of the other technologies that are emerging from Redmond just lately ...

Posted by Steve Cholerton
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